Friday, December 24, 2010

The Longest Stick in the World

I have to post this just because I'll forget it (again) if I don't do this right now......

Grant just came up to me and asked "Mom, where is my 'Longest Stick In The World' "?

I had to laugh.  He hasn't mentioned 'The Longest Stick In The World' for a few weeks now. What he is talking about is a stick that blew down in a wind storm back in October.  Grant was playing in the yard after that and brought the stick to me so I could see it.  He was so proud of it because he had found the longest stick in the world.  It lay in the yard for several weeks as fall drew to a close and cold weather set in.  Everytime he would think of it he would run and drag the thing into the garage to protect it.  He was so afraid someone would steal his valuable treasure.  I would step over it for a few days until I grew tired of the game then toss it back into the yard.  I am guessing the guys that mow our lawn finally got tired of it and tossed it into the field behind our house. 

The stick disappeared.

Grant forgot about it....or so I thought.....until today.  Now out of the blue we are talking again about the biggest stick in the world.  I told him it was hidden  in the back yard under the swingset until spring.  I explained that I put it there to keep people from stealing his 'Longest Stick in the World'.  He bought my story.

Yes, I lied.  Who really cares?  My four year old is happy.

Let's just hope he forgets about "The Longest Stick in the World" by springtime or I am in BIG trouble!

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