Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Man, can he hold a grudge!!

Grant: (said to me after he and Grace got into a verbal altercation over a toy)  Grace made me mad forever!!  (just so you know, he had fully forgiven her in under five minutes)

Grace: (while pouring pretend tea into five teacups) There's some for Mom....some for Grant........some for me.......and some for........ (here she paused because she'd run out of people to invite).......some for Emily

Mom:  ....but Emily isn't here.

Grace: Oh no.  Not for our Emily.  This tea is for INVISIBLE Emily. She's nicer than Emily.

I just want to say here for any Harry Potter fans that are reading this, it was a stay at home mom who invented the 'invisibility cloak' used in the Harry Potter books.  Mothers would give a king's ransom to have such a little wardrobe accessory and be able to disappear at will.

Grace: (while dishing out her variously colored alphabet puzzle pieces and pretending she was serving cookies) Would you like an orange one, or a yellow one?  The yellow ones are lemonade flavored.

Mom:  What flavor are the blue ones?

Grace:  They're blueberry.  The red ones are strawberry.  The green ones are.......(a little bit confused at this point).......GREENBERRY flavor.

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