Friday, April 8, 2011

Before and After

Alternately Titled "Where Did My Little Girl Go??"

I cut Grant's hair the other evening.
He let me take pictures.

He's nice like that.

I cut John's hair the other evening too.
He didn't let me take pictures....something about being embarrassed to wear a fish haircutting cape.
I don't see the problem, but hey, I won't argue with him.

Then Grace decided she wanted in on the action.
So onto the stepstool she climbed and donned the beloved fish cape.




I'm so sad at how old it makes her look!

It's what she wanted.  We'll see if she keeps it this short now or if she grows it out again.


  1. WHAT A GREAT JOB MOM!!!!! Yes it makes her look older, but it also lets that pretty little face shine through!! You & David have such a nice looking family!! The Shupe & Simms blends very well.

    Love you all!!!
    Grandma Simms

  2. I almost missed the STREAK in the background. Glad it wasn't someone older!!! Grant will love that in a few years!!!

  3. Yeah, the bare bottom kind of slipped past the editing department!