Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is as technical as I will ever get......

I just registered the domain

You can now click directly to that address instead of clicking to the following address...

There is absolutely no difference where you end up no matter which address you click on.  If you click the blogspot address it will automatically send you to the new address without you even knowing.  Isn't that nice if it to do that for you?

If none of this makes sense, don't worry.  Just keep clicking to this blog the way you've done for the past eighteen months now.  It will still work as usual.

Hard to believe it's been eighteen months since I started this.  I saw the counter at the bottom of the page is closing in on 12,000 visits.


I figured I'd get about two clicks a day from two sets of grandparents.
I average about 30 a day now from places as far away as Australia and Europe.  Pretty cool how small the world is with today's technology.

Blogging is a valid income for some people.  I've been curious what thirty clicks a day would translate to in dollar amounts.  I'm guessing somewhere in the thirty cents per day category.

Totally not worth it.

A little weird too.

I'm just happy someone out there cares enough to visit us and read my ramblings!

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