Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grace's Birthday - Better Late Than Never

In the craziness of the past couple weeks I have failed to post a very important event in the Shupe family.

Someone turned six years old.

We partied at Grandma Shupe's house.

Then we partied with a couple friends from school.

Since there are only two other girls in Grace's kindergarten class, we invited them to come home with Grace after school one afternoon for lunch and a playdate.

We bought cupcakes for the Grace to share with the birthday cake and no presents to unwrap, just a playdate.

Someone else attended the party as well.....
someone who did not much appreciate the princess cups and plates....

After lunch the girls played with Barbies....

and played with dress-up clothes.

But the partying wasn't finished yet....

A couple days later on Grace's actual birthday she was given this wonderful hat to wear at school.
She was very proud of it.

We opened gifts at home including a very special one that was made by a certain big sister.

The guys remained unimpressed by all the sisterly love in the room that day.

Turning flips from the couch seemed to be far more interesting.

Of course she got a birthday cake and we sang Happy Birthday.

and of course she wanted someting princess related.

The guys were much more interested in this part of the festivities....

since it involved food, especially food with lots of sugar in it.

Happy Birthday Big Six Year Old!!!

We love you.

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