Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cut It Out!!!

Grant - check
Dad - check
Mom - check
Emily - check
John - check

Grace - uncheck

Grace and Grant have done this funny thing lately.  They will make lists of lots of names and then check them off one by one.

They will tape their lists to walls or doors or carry them around as a prop in their pretend play.

I am a list maker, but THIS kind of immitation is not the highest form of flattery.
It has been a cute thing to watch them do together, until......

the other day when Grace did something that Grant didn't like.

He proceeded to 'UN-check' her from his list!

That jagged spot would be where he quite angrily grabbed the scissors and proceeded to cut Grace's name right off of his list.

Poor Grace!!


He went to bed pretty angry with her, but by morning everything was right with the world once again.

He made a new list and added Grace to it once again.  It is now taped securely to his bedroom door......

until next time!

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  1. That's so funny! I'm glad Grace was able to redeem herself! (I love your new profile pic, too, btw!)