Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do a little dance!

We're doing a little celebration dance here.

The evidence is in .....

and all signs are indicating

that spring is here to STAY!

We've survived another winter of wet dreary days and cold nights.

The sun has once again kissed the earth

and created a color palette beyond imagination.

Now if only I could bottle some of this up and save it for next winter!!

Well, I guess I got the bottled part.  Now how do I save this???

As you can tell, my tulips came up in all their springtime glory!  I don't have a black thumb as suspected.  YEAH!

These were all taken at home as well as at the farm.  I didn't get all my flowers photographed, but I did manage to get all my new ones photographed..


some of our peach trees are loaded with blooms.

I didn't take pictures of them, but the apple trees are blooming too!

Yeah for fruit!!!

Yeah for flowers!!!!!

Yeah for spring!!!!!

It puts a little skip in my step!

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