Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're Home!!

We've been visiting as well as being visited lately.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a few fun days to start spring break right.  The kids had a good time and so did I.  I hope you survived us being there.  No one got sick and nothing (that I can think of)(other than a baby bottle) got broken so I am declaring this a successful trip!

Thanks for the dinner at the fire station on Saturday too.  I don't think in the chaos of the evening I ever actually told you thanks.

We're home safely now and have the rest of the week to play and rest up before school starts again next Monday.  It sounds as if the weather will be good, so maybe we can get to the farm for a couple days over the weekend and start that garden!

Seeing as how we don't do anything in moderation, we have seen the grandparents three weekends in a row.  We spent one weekend traveling the midwest visiting with various family members along the way including Grandma Shupe for a couple of days.  Thank you for the Imo's in Edwardsville, Uncle John.  You made my kids VERY HAPPY!! Getting to see Ellie (and the rest of the family, of course) was a bonus for them too.  A couple of hours was also spent passing through Grandma and Grandpa Simms' neck of the woods as well.

Then last weekend Grandpa Simms escorted Grandma to the 'Ville so she could attend the Easter Pageant with the kids and me.  The pageant was great.  It was a little sad watching it knowing that this was the last year for it after seventeen years of doing the production.  John and Emily both enjoyed it so much that I got tickets for a second performance later in the week and we went and enjoyed it a second time too.

This past Friday began the kids' spring break.  I loaded up the four kids and headed to Illinois for what has turned into almost a spring break tradition of visiting with the grandparents.  It's the only time in the year we actually stay the night and spend a few days with them....good memories for the kids.

We did more visiting with relatives while we were there.  An added bonus this year was getting to see some classmates from high school who I have not seen in more than twenty years.  That doesn't seem possible, but it is.  It was fun.

BUT, now we're home and back to business as usual.  Part of that business involves posting pictures from way back to early March.  Poor Grace had a birthday in there and I never even acknowledged that my little girl turned six years old.  I'll have to rectify that soon.

I don't know when the last time was I posted this much ramblings without pictures.

Forgive me.

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