Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Bells are Ringing

You know, there are days

when I know

this is truly what the kids see when they look at me.

Grant was playing with those infamous tub crayons again and decided to draw the family.

I'm the one with the glassy eyes, messy hair and no makeup.

I usually DO try and wear clothes though.

Grace's contribution to the artwork was to identify all of the subjects Grant drew.

She spelled all of these names herself.  As a bonus she paired them off showing who was to marry whom.  The following pairs are expected to marry sometime in the near future.

Grace - Dad
Emily - John
Mom - Remington
MiMi (one of the puppies) - Grant
Tinkerbell Grace (bunny) - Jet (cat)

At that point she ran out of names she could spell.
She did impress me that she sounded out Remington so well though.
I wonder why I got the dog to marry?

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