Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bedtime (or not)

sometimes we have trouble getting the zoo animals to sleep at night...

Instead of sleeping we do lots of important stuff

like draw pictures of bees for our brother.....

and read books by flashlight......

and generally just ignore our father's pleadings to get in bed.... 

You can tell how scared of dad they looked!

Not that I really cared about the noise and chaos in the back room......

Meg didn't seem to mind the noise much either.

OK, I'm off to tackle two month's worth of ironing.

So much for that new year's resolution to keep up with ironing!
Now you know why I don't make (serious) resolutions.


  1. I'm frightened (not in a bad way- it's just eerie) by the fact that, knowing this was your blog, and knowing that the chances of my picture being on this are slim to none, that I still thought the picture of you was a picture of me. Especially since I used to have glasses that look similar to those. No joke, I really thought it was me. Are we related?

  2. Give yourself more credit than that beth. You're much better (and younger) looking than that old lady lounging on the couch!!

    I DO have pictures of you sleeping on that couch with a college textbook propped open on your chest. Shall I repost it??

  3. Maybe I was giving YOU more credit than you give yourself and saying you look as young as me!

  4. Ohhhhh, I like you more and more!! Thanks for an undeserved compliment. **blush**