Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zoo Pets

This would be Bella trying to get downstairs.
(can you tell she hasn't missed a meal since we got her?)

This is who Bella is trying to get away from.
She's not very amused with Grant's playtime fun.

I wonder if Jet was trying to mail himself somewhere in order to escape the zoo.

Sometimes I think he would gladly move to a house without dogs or kids or other cats.

Of course, sometimes I would gladly move to a house without dogs or kids or cats too!!

I couldn't leave for real though. I'd miss it all too much.


Grant watched the movie "How to Train Your Dragon".
Now he's busy training our dogs.

 He uses LOTS and LOTS of dog treats when he trains.
The dogs LOVE these training sessions.

Grant taught Remington it is not smart to jump for a dog bone when sitting inside a kennel.
After banging his head on the kennel more times than I can count, Remington finally decided his head didn't hurt as much if he simply sat and waited on Grant to drop the bones.

Meg eagerly awaits her next treat from her new trainer.

I think he was enjoying this game as much as his students.

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