Sunday, September 25, 2011


The kids have had a lot of fun playing with toys lately. 

Whenever I make a trip to the attic and haul down toys that have been out of circulation for a while, it rivals the excitement of even Christmas Day!

I could open a small version of Toys 'R' Us with everything stored up there.

I try every couple of months to bag up things that aren't being played with much and change them for bags of things in the attic that haven't seen the light of day for a while.

It works better than a trip to the real toy store.

And it keeps our bank account out of the red.


Grace has been reading a lot lately.

She enjoys reading to Grant.
I love the trickle down effect of how older kids can do things for the younger kids.

Grant fully reaps the benefits of being the youngest of four kids.


We've been to the farm this weekend.
We had a a super time and did some really fun things.

It's late and 5:30 comes early.
I'll download pictures tomorrow (hopefully).

Goodnight all.

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