Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day

The Tuesday after Labor Day was Grant's first day of preschool.

Can you tell from the pictures he was a bit nervous about the whole thing?

Yet in his own funny way he put on a brave face
and was ready to be off on a new adventure.

David went with me to drop Grant the first morning. 
After waiting patiently in carpool line,

and a few kisses and hugs

and an "I'll miss you guys!" from him...

he gave a wave of his hand

and marched off down the same sidewalk as John, Emily and Grace

to his first day of school.

There were no tears shed as he walked into school.

Nope, I didn't shed even one little tear.
Oh, and Grant didn't cry either.

Today is the second day of school this week.  In the car on the way to drop him off we were talking about it when Grant said, "Yeah, it's my second day and I've got to go back because I didn't get any smarter yesterday."


  1. At least he was properly dressed :-)

  2. Oh that old thing? They asked that the kids wear an old shirt that wasn't good for anything in case they ruined it when they painted!

    Ohhhh, sorry! You meant it was GOOD because of Illini.