Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Say what, Grant??

Grant:  Hey Mom (sometimes I think he believes my name is 'hey-mom')  Can you get my underwater lookers for me?   (definition - (noun) goggles worn while swimming in a pool or other body of water)

Grant:  Hey Mom, do fish have cousins?

Grant:  I want to hatch the eggs!! (translation - I want to crack the eggs)

Grant: Hey Mom, when you were little did you like me?

Grant: Why does dad want to be named dad?

Grant: Hey mom, these new underwears (his word, not mine) has a penis-sticker-outer!!! (definition -  a keyhole)

Grant: (talking to Grace while playing together) I deaded the dragon.  (translation - I killed the dragon)

Grant: Hey Mom, (he says this a lot) I need tennis shoes that are called sneakers.

Grant: (said while riding in the car) Hey look Dad!  There's an oil getter!!  (definition - (noun) an oil pump jack used for extricating oil from below the earth's surface)

Mom:  Hey Grant!!  Don't pee in the trash can anymore!! (translation - Don't pee in the trash can anymore!!!) (like that one really needed translated?!)

Grace:  Hey Mom! (Grant's not the only one who calls me 'hey-mom')  Grant just peed in the sink!

Mom:  GRANT!!!!!!!!

Grant:  Sorry Mom.


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