Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

This creative engineer assembled his train track

all by himself.

He did a pretty good job I thought.

I can sure tell he's the youngest.

I love the do-it-myself attitude!

We've had a quiet weekend around here.

Emily went to a friend's birthday party Friday night.  John went to hang out with a friend for the evening before both guys ended up back here and spent the night at our house.

John and Emily have volunteered both Saturday and Sunday to work the adoption booth for the Humane Society at the local pet store.

This helped them log the number of volunteer hours they need for Beta Club at school.

Church today was good, except for dropping Grace off at her classroom in tears.  Due to an oversight, Grace has not been promoted correctly and has been with Grant's age group the past two years which was nice for them to be together.

This fall they caught the mistake and promoted her into the right age group.
She's lonely without her buddy beside her.
She was okay when I went to pick her up and seemed to have a good time anyway.

Grace has her first loose tooth.  She's working hard to get it out.

School fundraisers are almost done for the year.  We sold coupon books.  It was pretty easy.  We still have a band fundraiser, and that's it.  I'm not sure what they're selling this year.

David spent part of the weekend at the farm working on pastures and ponds.  I'm sure the time away is good stress relief for him after a more than stressful week at work.
He got a lot done while he was there.

We've run some errands and shopped a little for winter clothes, but mostly have been staying close to home.

Enough rambling for tonight.


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