Thursday, September 22, 2011

Packages - Ponies - Camels

We get some mighty strange packages around here.....

The contents might not be exciting to the six and under crowd,
but MAN do they enjoy the boxes.

This particular box was everything from a space ship to a vet office to a pretend house to a robot costume before it finally got so beat up I threw it out.


Fun with the horses

No, we don't let John and Emily do this as a general rule, but Sammy (the guy we bought them from) wanted to prove that the ponies are capable of bearing the weight of a larger child.

I think he proved his point.
Emily's feet were almost touching the ground.

It is a bonus for our kids that when we want to ride the horses right now we have to go to a petting zoo to see them.

They have fun with the other animals while we're there.
Their favorite is still the monkey, but on this particular day they had a little fun chasing pigs...

and catching them once in a while.

Emily and Paco having a little beauty session....

Grant on Brownie......


Our new horse run-in waiting to be delivered to the farm...

Not much exciting here.
First grading period ends tomorrow. 
We'll see how the Zoo scholars are doing so far this year.

Grace is still wiggling away at her tooth.

Grant and I are going on (almost) daily bike rides through the neighborhood now.
Having just him home has provided me a nice chance to enjoy him as an only child this year.  It's been fun.

Well, it's been fun when he's not driving me crazy wanting me to play with him every second of every day, but we won't address that issue tonight!

Happy autumn!!

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