Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat Houses and Cow Pastures

Home construction has become a part of the Shupe life.

We're building cat houses from cardboard boxes

and decorating them.

The cats use them much to the delight of Grace and Grant.
I think the cats like the placement of the cat houses.

They rest atop the heat vents in the kitchen floor.
Sweet deal for the cats, not so great for heating the house.

When they're not hiding IN the houses,
they prefer to lie on top of the houses.

Exciting times at the Shupe house I tell you.


In other news, the shupe family is talking about building.

We are putting in more fence this spring on the farm....
fence that will hold our horses on different pasture and

fence to contain the calves we are talking of getting.
We're taking orders for beef if anyone is interested!

Actually, you might want to wait and see if we can keep them alive
before you send your deposit check.

We are sort of new at this.

Actually, we're really new at this.

Thank goodness for neighbors willing to give solicited and unsolicited advice whenever the chance arises.


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