Sunday, February 26, 2012

Farm Show and Family Fun

Horses are still alive and kicking.
They seem to be surviving the winter nicely.

David's bounty while on a hunting trip in Louisiana with brother Todd

Poor little birdies!

After killing their limit of birds they went after the fish.

This makes me miss our days in Florida.

Meanwhile back on the homefront we've been shopping for tractors.

I'm not sure the record for the most tractors owned by a family who DOES NOT make a living doing anything agrarian, but I am sure we must be getting close to the record.

I think last count I had we own three tractors
give or take one. 

I'm honestly not sure anymore.

They really weren't looking to buy.

David took the boys down to the Farm Machinery Show for a little fun one evening.

It was definitely a fun trip by any five year old boy's standards.

I think my twelve year old boy and my overgrown boy husband enjoyed themselves as well.


Hope you are feeling okay Bethany.
Glad to see the car is the only thing sustaining major injuries.

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