Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Time

Meet Julie

Julie and I were invited to tea in Grace's room.

The glider rocker's foot stool was transformed into a tea table for three.

Grace was the perfect hostess.

It was a fun time,

but this was the moment that stole my heart.

Yes, I cheated and took a picture
instead of doing prayer hands as the kids call it.

I think God knows my heart.
He knows I'm thankful for the pretend tea.

He surely knows how thankful I am for the little girl who shared her pretend tea with me too.


John and Emily are super tired this week.
They left Friday after school and went with about six hundred kids to Northern Kentucky University for a christian youth conference called BELIEVE.

They went last year too.

I don't think these kids sleep from the time they get there until they get home on Sunday.
I know the schedule said they would be eating dinner Friday night at midnight.

Yes, midnight!

It is a great time of play and learning and worship, and I am so glad they get to participate.

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