Saturday, February 25, 2012

I don't publish many pictures anymore of this kind of activity on the blog.
The kids are getting too old for this to be cute.

I could not resist blogging this though.

Sorry ahead of time for the poor picture quality.
I was just taking pictures of the kids for our own family and not really thinking about quality for posting pictures here.

Seldom do Grace and Grant get in the  T  U  B   together, but they did tonight.
That was the reason for taking pictures in the first place.

I figure their days of coed cleanliness are coming to a rapid end.
(Sorry for the weird wording, but if I type words like   B  A  T  H  and  K  I  D  S   together in a post, I get perverts clicking on my blog pictures)

Grace was showing me how her Barbie's play together.
Yeah, and how they kiss too.

Grant played with his train set most of the time.

The next thing I know I turn around and see Ken making his move on Barbie.

Honestly, I do not know why she did this, but Grace had them posed like this when she got out.

Pretty cozy looking, aren't they?

Just to continue the theme for the evening

I found this charming group in her dollhouse sharing a moment the other night.
I thought it was funny enough then to take a picture, but never did it.

Tonight I went and checked and they were still there.
Sometimes I would just like to know what is going on in their heads when I see the things they do while playing.

Grace and Grant 'sharing' the cat.
This was their way of settling a disagreement over who got to hold the cat while watching television.

I think everyone except Jet was happy with the arrangement.

A real estate agent came to the house Wednesday to tell us what our house was worth.
I had cleaned it up before he arrived.

Do you think he would have lowered his assessed value had he seen it looking like it normally does like this?

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