Monday, February 27, 2012

Grantisms - More

A collection of silliness as heard from the mouth of a five year old.......

Wow Mom.  Being a parent must be a lot of work.


Grant to his dad - You be a cowboy so when we grow up you can come visit me on your horse.


Should I be a lifeguard, a zookeeper or a cowboy when I grow up?


Grace and Grant talk about half birthdays and being 'five and a half' as being older than 'just five'. This was Grant talking to Grace about a preschool classmate  -  I don't know if Audrey is 'and a half'.  I just know she's five.


I wish Meg would have more babies.  I want her to make dinosaur babies next time, not puppies.


I'm wearing my red underwear today.  It matches my red shirt and red shorts.  Will people know that they match?


I'm wearing my dinosaur underwear today.  Today we are learning the letter D at school.  Can I tell them dinosaur starts with D?


No quotes from Grace, but I have to note that she is really into telling jokes right now.  She is always telling knock knock jokes or some silly joke she heard at school.  About half the time they make sense.  They always deserve a laugh though, right?!

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