Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theology Lessons

Grant has a lot of questions about God and heaven and death.  He catches me off guard a lot with random questions at the oddest moments.  I decided to record some of his insights.  If he ever becomes the next Billy Graham I hope I'll be able to show quite an evolution in his theology from his early years.

Asked while riding in car - "Is God married?"

Asked today while riding in car - "Will we have to walk on clouds in heaven or will there be carpet?"

Asked while riding in car last week - "Will I be able to take my toys to heaven?  If I die holding on to them will they go with me?"

Asked while riding in car (obviously the down time while strapped in a carseat lends itself to some deep soul searching) - "How do my toys get to heaven?  Does the package man (aka UPS man) deliver them?"

Said while being put to bed - "I'm taking my ball blanket and music box to heaven with me. That's all I'll need in heaven.  Will God let me take those?"

Asked many times - "Will Dad die first since he's the oldest?  Then you...then Emily...then John...then Grace?  I get to die last since I'm the youngest, right?"

Asked after Kitty died - "Will Kitty be in heaven now?  If Meg dies, will she go to heaven too?  Will I see them when I die?"

There are times it is hard to anwer his questions.  Sometimes I'm just not sure what to say.  Sometimes it's hard to answer because I'm trying not to cry.  No matter.  The fact remains this kid is mildly obsessed with dying and heaven right now.  This is one phase I will not miss when it has passed.


  1. Matt used to ask the same things about his toys...and by used to, I mean he asked me that yesterday about his Jeep.

  2. boys and their toys!! Same questions, bigger toys huh?