Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NEW-New versus OLD-New

I am back online again.


The timeline goes something like this......

November 2010 - HP computer suddenly becomes totally lame and locks up randomly and without cause (at least that's my opinion)

December 2010 - Spend every waking moment nagging husband to fix my computer (his version of the facts, not mine)

January 2011 - HP no longer willing to cooperate - breathes its last - wife not happy - husband not happy either

January 2011 - Husband and tech guy from work take dead computer to their magical workshop and reincarnate it as better/faster/more reliable version of its old self - wife exceedingly pleased with rebuilt OLD-NEW computer

January 2011 - Wife makes promise to self to stay off those porn sites (kidding here people)

November 2011 - Computer malady rears its ugly head once more causing strife and discord in Shupe residence as important computer stuff ain't gettin' done!!!!!!!!

January 2012 - OLD-NEW computer now completely uncooperative - receives severe tongue lashing from wife (computer, not husband) - dead computer unphased by said tongue lashing - wife once again unhappy - husband thusly unhappy as well

January 2012 - OLD-NEW computer once again brought back from the icy grips of death by beloved husband once again working his magic rebuilding computer from scratch.  All is well and peace is restored in Shupe home.

January 2012 - OLD-NEW piece of @#$% does it AGAIN!!!!!  NO ONE is pleased with this piece of news!

January 2012 - Husband uses HP computer for handgun target practice - places NEW-NEW SONY on wife's desk as peace offering - peace offering accepted - all is right once again (I hope)

So you see my last new computer was actually all new 'stuff' put into the old HP.  David has graciously rebuilt it twice now and it has redied (is that possible?) each time.  He said enough is enough and went and forked over the money for a new computer for me.

The irony in this entire situation is that I LOVED my old computer.  Well, at least when it worked I loved it.  I'm a bit sad to see it go.  I do appreciate that I have a new one that hopefully will not give us the fits of the old one.  We'll see.

However, I am now so paranoid about killing my computer that I am afraid to do almost ANYTHING on it.  You know...

no more online gaming

no more hours whiling away the time shopping for new clothing

no more hours on facebook with all my friends

no more smarmy sites displaying scantily clad people doing unspeakable things


Just plain old blogging for me

and maybe a little shopping online since I HATE going into real stores.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

So out with the OLD-NEW and in with the NEW-NEW.

Here's to blogging once again!!

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