Monday, May 21, 2012

Bet You Can't Guess






Landscape Lighting

Irrigation system

John's arm

Cell Phone

Can you guess how these things are all alike?

If you said they are all broken.....

you would be right.


It seems like every time I turn around lately something is not working right or broken.
I never expected to add my son's name to the ever growing list of 'broken' things!

But Saturday evening that is exactly what happened.

John has now confirmed the laws of gravity.
He has also confirmed that he does NOT make a good Tarzan.

The short version of John's story is.....

go visit the grandparents

climb Grandma's tree

fall from tree

grab wrist

the end

It's really not that bad.  I took him to an after hours clinic for an x-ray before letting him go to baseball practice Sunday just in case.  They confirmed a fracture in either the radius or ulna bone in the forearm (I forgot to ask which bone) (like it mattered what its name is).  They put it in a splint and said to see an orthopedic doctor this week for a follow-up appointment.  He's on the team DL until further notice, probably two to four weeks.

We'll know more when we see the doctor.


On a lighter note, we had a nice weekend visiting with family in Illinois.
Saturday we loaded up the zoo and headed over for the day.

Part of the festivities included getting family pictures taken.

On the trip to Grandma's house as i was congratulating myself on leaving nearly a full hour ahead of schedule it occurred to me that my eldest son was wearing shorts.  Upon further inquiry we determined that he had relied upon mom to pack his clothes for the planned pictures and had no jeans (dress code for the day) with him.

Upon further investigation it was determined that the youngest Shupe (also of the male persuasion) (I'm noticing a pattern here) had failed to put any shoes in the car. 

Now this might be acceptable behavior where we come from in Kentucky, but when traveling to other regions of the country we try to conduct ourselves in civilized manners such as observing the practice of the wearing of shoes in public.

Good thing we had an extra hour.

Oh yeah, Rural King in Princeton has some really cute cowboy boots for little boys.

And how can you buy for one little Shupe and not the other?
You can't.

Rural King in Princeton has some really cute cowboy boots for little girls too.

We pulled in to the photographer's driveway right on time.
Several dollars poorer and one pair of jeans and two pair of boots richer.

Life at the zoo, ahhhh.


Double bonus for the day......

I enjoyed a lovely evening of entertainment at the alumni banquet hosted at my childhood elementary school.  What a joy to visit with old friends I have not seen in twenty or more years!  Plus I shared the evening of fun with my family.

Thanks for suggesting the idea, Grandma!


Five more days of school!
The end can not come soon enough for the Shupe zoo creatures.

The zookeeper is ready for a break too.
The clubhouse pool opens Friday.  We might be first in the gates this year!


Happy Monday!

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