Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome welcome welcome to the zoo!

Chuck Shupe is doing great.

We have conferred knighthood on one of the other calves.
With the honor of knighthood came a new name.

Yes, you guessed it.

His name is Sir Loin Shupe.

Okay.  The lame cow jokes are over.

We do have new residents at the zoo....

newer than even the cows.

I found something for sale on Craigslist.

Yes, we are back in the duck business.

Say hello to.....

Huey Duck

Dewey Duck

and Louie Duck

Say hello to the nephews.
Was there even another option as to what they would be named?

These guys were for sale in a town we pass through on the way to the farm.
We picked them up on the way to the farm last weekend.

Three adult ducks in one pet carrier made for a very smelly car ride the last ten miles to the farm.
I'm not sure who was happier to get out of the car us or them.

They looked a lot better after a bath in the pond.

The next step was to get Donald from his temporary home in a dog kennel.

We then let him loose back at the pond hoping he would find his new companions to his liking.

He did not however greet them with open wings arms.

He seemed a bit disgruntled to see strange ducks on his pond.
Hopefully they will all settle down and get along soon.

Maybe we can even have some baby ducklings yet this spring!

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