Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's All In How You Look At It

If you were working in your garden hilling potatoes (our chitting must have worked, the potatoes are doing great)

(thanks for asking)

(I still like saying 'chit')

(I'll stop doing this now)

As I was saying......
if you were working in your garden hilling potatoes and turned over a stone such as this specimen.....

you would probably be unimpressed and continue hilling your potatoes.

Not so if you are five years old.

This one small stone was the launching pad for thirty minutes worth of five year old speculations as to why there was a dinosaur tooth in our garden.

What kind of dinosaur was it mom?

Is it still alive?

Will it get me if I go in to use the bathroom alone? (for the record, it did not get him)

Are there more dinosaurs here?

Did it hurt when the tooth came out?

Will my tooth hurt when it comes out?

What color are real dinosaurs?

and on

and on

and on.

Really, I was happy to be finished hilling my potatoes.

I was happier to discover my son would make a great paleontologist some day.

I was happiest to move him on to a different location and a new topic.

Thursday I went out to check the garden and to meet the farrier who is taking care of the horses.
The garden is fine.  The farrier did his work and left.

David started taking hay off the back fields.

Life is good.

Even if there are no dinosaurs living on our farm.

But we know there WERE dinosuars there once.

We have their tooth, remember?

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