Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Field Trip to the (Real) Zoo

Yes, you can tell from the flowers in bloom that these pictures are several weeks old.

Grace is forever skipping these days.

Skipping down the path.

Don't ask me what day of the week we went to the zoo.
There's a good chance she skipped school too in order to join us that day.

It WAS an educational experience though.

We learned about how animals live and their various adaptations to their environments.

Plus we just had a lot of fun.

Of course we took pictures documenting the past year's growth.

One of these days I'll have to sort all of the pictures we've taken here over the years of each one of the kids. 

But not today.

David was the photographer for the day.
He does better than me anymore about picking up the camera.

And of course there was the standard carousel ride at the end of our day.


One more baseball game done today

The Diamondbacks are now 3-3 for the season.
Way to go guys!

John got two base hits and two RBI's.
I think he grounded out the first time at bat though.

I'm not a baseball person, so I could have that all messed up.
I'll just suffice it to say he did a pretty good job.
That would be a safer thing to report.


Emily has been great to help watch the little kids while I run John back and forth to practices and games the past few weeks.

Last night I gave her a well deserved night of fun as a treat for all her help.
She had a friend ride the bus home from school with her.
Then when Grace got home from school we all loaded up for a trip to the mall.

Emily and the friend she had with her met up with three other girls for an evening of shopping together.

I wandered the mall with Grace and Grant playing in the various fountains and shopping in some of the stores that interested them.

Poor John got dragged along even though he couldn't find a buddy to hang out with him.
I don't think he suffered too much emotional damage from the evening in public with his mom.

Dirty little secret:

Grant has a thing for hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.
That was his FAVORITE thing of the evening!

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