Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grantisms - Again

Grant LOVES watching a cable tv channel called Sprout.  It is preschool programming twenty-four hours a day.

Your preschool can watch children's programs even at three in the morning.

I see a huge need for this.

(yes, that was sarcastic)

Anyway, he has learned several interesting terms from a show called The Wiggles on Sprout TV.

Crunch Bucket - cereal bowl

Wrinkle Berries - raisins

Peely Beeps - Bananas

Snoozle Bunk - Bed

Snuggle Duds - Pajamas

Knowing what he is talking about requires an interpreter at times.


Grant - "Hey Mom.  If I were a cat I would really like you." 

Grant - "Grace and I are the same tall now!"

Grant - "When you get home, I'll stop missing you." 

Any Other Shupe Child - "Mom!  Grant _____________!" 
                fill in the blank with one or more of the following phrases
                                                - hit me
                                                - spit on me
                                                - called me a name
                                                - kicked me
                                                - licked me
Grant - "Sorry."     (Lately he says this frequently hoping to avoid trouble.  Mostly it works)

Grant - "Hey Mom.  What if God made us with no brains?" 

Mom - "Then you could be a politician."  (He totally missed the humor in that by the way.)

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