Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Break - Better Late Than Never

Still downloading pictures from spring of these days I might catch up.

Maybe not though.

We try to give the kids lots of new and interesting experiences.
Watching a guy use a rollback was not what I would consider a high priority on my list of things to let the kids watch.

But when the thingamajig that makes your truck move in both a forward and a reverse direction breaks so that the truck can only be driven in reverse,

I would consider that an excellent time for the kids to learn how a rollback works.

The truck is now repaired and back on the road.

Grace and Grant made a nest using pillows on one of the top bunks.

It's a good thing these two get along so well.
Grace's love of reading has really helped compensate for Grant's total disinterest in anything related to the printed word.

Emily gave Grace a lesson in brownie making one day.
Emily is a pretty good little cook.

Grace is learning to be a pretty good chef too.

And Grant?

What is there to say about him really?

Happy Monday folks!

Sixteen more school days left!!

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