Friday, May 11, 2012

Bunnies and Boo Boos


This year we went on Saturday evening.

After church, we colored Easter eggs

Going to church on Saturday means easter egg hunts on Sunday morning take place wearing monster truck pajamas instead of church clothes.

Not that anyone cared.

This group was giving directions from the observation deck to the egg hunters down below.

All instructions were largely ignored by excited egg hunters.

In addition to eggs hidden around the yard, the Easter bunny left a few treats in the house for each of the kids.

Even John and Emily were remembered by the bunny.

And finally, what would Easter morning be without a chicken that lays egg shaped bubblegum?


Yes, I am this far behind posting pictures.  Don't judge me.


John had another baseball game last night.  They played the team currently in first place.  Going in to the game John's team, the Diamondbacks, were 2-2.  Now they're 2-3.



I loaded all of the kids up yesterday and went to meet a very sweet lady near our house that gives piano lessons.
I am considering letting John and Emily start taking lessons from her.  They have maxed out what their mother can teach them.
Both kids seemed to like Ms. Janice.


Grace has been home from school the past two days.  She's not sick.
She's recovering from an injury.

I am the main cause of the injury.

Two weeks ago Grace fell and scraped her arm.  It really was not injured, but I put a Nexcare waterproof kid bandage on it just to make her feel better.

I have done this a hundred times with all the kids.

Never again.

A few days later Grace kept complaining her arm hurt when someone would bump it.
Then she said one morning that her arm was wet.
I investigated and found her arm welted and oozing from a raw sore the shape of the bandage.  It tore the skin off her arm when I peeled the bandage.

Pretty sad huh?

What I learned was that Grace has an allergy to the natural pine rosin used in that particular bandage as an adhesive.
To compound the problem every time I would cover it to send her to school the bandage would stick reopening the area so that it never healed.
FINALLY I loaded her up for a trip to the doctor and a prescription antibiotic.  Two days of keeping her home and the spot uncovered and we are making great progress in getting it healed.

She was thrilled with an excuse to stay home from school so I guess there is good to be found in every situation.
The double bonus was that I had to drive Emily and a few classmates to a field trip at GattiLand.  Because Grace was home from school she got to go with us to Gattiland.
No complaining from her about that!!!


GattiLand was a reward for students who had straight A's during the second semester at middle school.

Emily earned the trip this time.  John got to go last time.  They take turns being excellent I guess.


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