Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome Back, Tooth Fairy!

It is not Grace this time that has teeth falling out.

Grant's tooth  has hung on for weeks.

We have wiggled and tugged, but that stubborn tooth would NOT give up and let go.

I tried again Tuesday night after dinner.  It would still not budge.

After the failed tooth extraction I had to run John to his ballgame.
En route to the game Emily called me to share the good news that 
Grant's tooth had fallen out!

She then told me the bad news that they didn't know where it had fallen out and could not find it.

David saved the day.

He found the tooth for Grant.

The tooth fairy faithfully showed up that night and placed five dollars under Grant's pillow.

He was so excited the next morning with his easy money.
He wanted to know how soon he would lose his other teeth.

Before the day was over, we were at Target buying another Hot Wheels monster truck for his collection with the money from the tooth fairy.

I better watch this kid or he'll be using a hammer on his remaining teeth so he can get some fast cash from the tooth fairy.

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