Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby News

Baby C
Two month check-up
Her mother sent me this picture from the doctor's office.
They are all doing great.
Baby C and her family came to dinner at the Shupe Zoo a few weeks ago.
It was nice to see them again and catch up.
Baby C was not in a mood to be held by me.
She cried. 
I almost did too.

More baby news...
Our three heifers

were just introduced to the newest residents at the zoo.

David just bought eleven more.
Some were calves just a few weeks old
still with their mommas.

Getting to know each other...
There are another twelve or so that are not ready yet,
but he is getting them in the next couple weeks.
Hopefully, we can stop buying after this.
With the addition of a bull borrowed from a neighbor
(and a little moooooood music)
we can have our own herd of cows
and plenty of steers to butcher.
They don't know about that little detail yet.

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