Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let the Insanity Begin!!!!!

Twelve little boys

three men with exceptional patience

a little determination

and a lot of nerves
add up to the start of baseball season for the youngest shupe.
This is Grant's rookie season.
Do you want to buy his trading card?
He was very excited tonight to start practice for
his new team, the Marlins.
Some of these boys are playing for their third year.
We've got a little catching up to do,
but I think he is off to a great start.
John begins his practices on Wednesday.
Between four practices a week and then games for two boys,
this is going to be an insane start to summer!
We have been at the farm this weekend
working and riding horses.
Checked on the bees.
One hive looks great, but the other is not doing so well.
I will have to see what can be done to help it along this spring.
We took care of horses and rode a few of them too.
Also, we checked  on new cows.
Yes, we are seriously in the beef business now.
Are you hungry?
We can help.
It's late.  Springing forward totally messed me up this evening.
It's off to bed now!
Have a good week.

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