Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still Sorting Disney Pics

Test Track was Grant's favorite ride.
Sometime in the past two years Disney has changed this ride.
Now while you wait your turn to go on the ride
you get to design your own race car

then everyone riding with you on the test track
gets to see whose desing performs best on the track.
It was a neat interactive concept.

Disney has the infamous "It's A Small World" ride.
It really is a small world too.
One afternoon while playing at the pool I heard a woman say
"How are you, Grant?"
I looked up to see one of his preschool teachers from last year giving him a hug.
Since we last saw her at Watkins in 2012,
Miss Tammy had moved with her family to Canada.
We had fun comparing stories and catching up and marveling at
what a small world it really is.
Grant with Miss Tammy

The last night we were at Disney we took a boat from our room at the Baylake Tower across the lake to Wilderness Lodge where we at dinner at
the Whispering Canyon Cafe.
Being an outdoors themed resort, it only made sense that there would be ducks swimming in their pool.

I was just happy I didn't have to swim in a pool with ducks.
Don't really want to swim with anyone or anything that does not understand
ducks included!!

Grant spent a bit of time playing in the sand along the beach behind our resort.
Hey, it's Florida.  What's a Florida vacation without a little sand in the suitcase?

I think I posted these already.

I'm old.
Forgive me if you've seen these already.

Playing BINGO poolside



Dumbo was great this year.
Disney has moved Dumbo from its previous location
they actually put in a second Dumbo ride right beside it.
We waited less than five minutes to ride.
That is very untypical of previous years.
Happy Tuesday!!


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