Monday, March 18, 2013

New View

Yesterday I looked back in the car
and saw this.
Haven't you heard?
Wearing your headphones like glasses is the latest rage.

Doesn't look like a very comfortable way to watch a movie to me.
I suppose viewing a movie through there wouldn't be too bad.

Saturday morning we loaded up for the season ticket holder open house at Slugger Field.
Free hotdogs, popcorn and sodas do not seem like much compensation
for season tickets.
We showed the kids our new view from our new seats.
This year we are closer to home plate instead of behind first base.
We also took the kids down to see locker rooms, lounges, fitness rooms, dugouts etc. that the players use.
Grant and Emily walked the field too.
Grant wanted to see the view from the field.
Thanks Emily for sharing your pictures!
Grace went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon.
Then we loaded up for the farm.
David did a lumberjack impersonation for us.

He took down a good sized tree that was dead.

The kids hung out on the swings and watched him

at least they hung out on the swings
until he cut down the branch they were swinging from!!

Our tree for the swings died a couple years ago.
We decided we finally had to take it down before someone got hurt
when a dead branch broke and they fell to earth.
that sounds familiar.
Raise your hand if you know that story.
Um, yeah.
Thanks John.


the tree is down.
We have a new view from our kitchen window.
Sniff. Sniff.

Ever the resourceful souls,
Grace and Grant have a new (short lived) jungle gym in the back yard.

And Remington has a lifetime supply
(age adjusted for dogs of course)
of sticks to chew.

Since the tire swing isn't very
right now,
Grace and Grant used it to help haul wood to the barn to store.
Gotta love kids that aren't afraid to work!

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