Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Name That Character

Hanging out in the room after a day of playing and swimming


Answer:   Because you can never be too prepared.
Question: Why is Grant wearing his goggles while doing his homework?

View from our balcony
Grace and Grant were loving all of the old cars at Hollywood Studios.

Grace and Grant took their swim test tonight at swim lessons.
I think we misjudged what class they should be enrolled in.
Both are being moved up two levels instead of one level.
So now they get to be Yippie Yellowfins
instead of Oscar Orange fish.
They were excited at the news.
Doesn't take much to thrill the seven and under crowd around here.
Grant and I went to see a movie today after I picked him up from school.
He said it was the best day of his life.
It doesn't take much to thrill him.
Of couse, it takes about 3.6 seconds for his day to go from being
"the best day of my life"
"the worst day of my life".
The latest craze is yelling JINX whenever
two people say something at the same time.
I never thought I could get tired of a simple word like jinx,
but let's just say
I have.
I will not miss this little phase when it is gone!

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