Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preschool Easter Party

Grant's last party of the year was yesterday.
They heard the story of Easter.

The party was then moved outside for sack races and other relay races.
Grant had a terrible time jumping in the sack race.
He is in the green sack...preparing to fall for the twentieth time.

Helping the next guy into the sack....
Best buddy from kindergarten....Owen.


Owen and Grant sit at the same table.
Here they were enjoying their party treats.
So that was it.
We are done with preschool parties.  I have to admit I sort of hate to see the year end since he is our last.  I am sure the little graduation ceremony in May for the kindergarten class will be a bittersweet day.
I am so thankful for each milestone our family passes.
I refuse to be sad!
Well, maybe just a little.

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