Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Stuff

One more post on maple syrup and I promise I will then stop.
Look at the different colors.
The different colors are from sap taken at different times during the past three or four weeks.
Early sap makes a very light syrup.
The last sap we collected made the very dark syrup.

Same trees
Same processing
Same cook times
Totally different results.
The lighter syrup is more popular to sell
It is sweeter without the deep maple flavors of the dark syrup.
I like the light stuff.
David prefers the dark.
I guess you can call us
Jack Sprat and Mrs. Sprat.
Hours spent tending my boiling cauldron
created the happy by-product of
hours and hours stuck in the kitchen.
The weekend John and Emily went to their retreat
Grace, Grant and I spent the entire day in the kitchen and living room playing.

and playing

and getting crafty

and playing

AND playing!!


You get the idea.


By the end of the day
I had boiled thirty gallons of sap and played for what
seemed like thirty hours with my kids.
I am sure it was more like twelve hours,
but MAN was I worn out.
No more sap stories.
Grant watched Puss 'N' Boots last week in Baton Rouge.
When we got home, this is the costume he created out of things around the house.

Pretty good costume.

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