Monday, September 16, 2013

Critters (and flowers)

Emily picked these at the creek.
Gotta love when nature supplies you with floral arrangements
in your high school colors!!
The Bulldogs are purple and gold.
Tinkerbell-Grace is doing great for a six year old bunny
that was only supposed to live four or five years.
I feel so lucky.
They love the bunny.
The bunny doesn't share their sentiment.
Oh, and Grace informed me the other day I should refer to the bunny as HE
since the bunny is a boy, not a girl.
Grace is the one who insisted with crocodile tears streaming down her two year old face
that her bunny was NOT A BOY.
So poof, HE instantly became a SHE in all conversations from that time forward.
Problem solved.
Don't know when her thinking evolved,
but Tinkerbell-Grace is glad to now be recognized for the manly rabbit he really is.
He is searching for a new name to go with his new male identity.
I'm sure that will be a doozy if Grace is picking it.
Ducks are waddling along well.
The duck that was sitting a nest did not succeed in producing any baby ducklings for us.
We found the crushed egg shells nearby.
Mr. Coon must have needed a midnight snack.
Maybe next time.

Happy First Birthday, Snickers!!
You are quite a big girl.
I'm not sure who has learned more the past or us.
Our kids learned the meaning of
NEVER give up.
They saw what sheer determination
and a lot of love can accomplish.

They also saw how fragile life really is.
I love happy endings.
So thank you, Snickers, for making our lives a little bit richer with you in it.
I should mention too that
we have already taken a vote and it was unanimous.
John gets to ride her the first time.


We woke one morning to find this cute little guy on our front porch.
He hung around most of the day before a neighbor came looking for him.
The kids had fun loving on him.
Of course the answer was NO!
We don't need a new puppy!

Emily riding with me

Grace, Daddy and me on a ride
Yes, that is Bella's head stuck up Juliet's rear end.
Taking pictures while riding leave the horse to pick where she wants to go.
She picked Juliet's butt.

Emily bringing up the rear on Whinny that time...
And once more....
Photos courtesy of the Shupe Farm
Good seeing everyone this weekend.
The time together always goes by so quickly.
I am sure Grandma and Grandpa would be pleased to see the crew they are responsible for!

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