Monday, September 23, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

We found the weinermobile at the mall one day.
We ALWAYS have to stop for a picture when we find it.
It wouldn't matter if we were racing to the hospital with a medical emergency,
I am certain everyone would still scream to stop and see the giant hot dog first.
Speaking of hot dogs....

Grant loves him some Steak N Shake hot dogs.
He also rocks the paper hat pretty well too.

This was taken for the sole purpose of embarrassing Emily.

It worked so well, I did it again.

Aaaaand again.....

Thank you, Emily!!

If I had a hammer....
I'd give it to my children

so they could hammer in the driveway

hittin' lots of nail head

and maybe not their hands!
They had lots of fun .....
at least it was fun until they DID mash a finger or two.
Nothing a kiss didn't cure though.

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