Friday, September 27, 2013


Yes, just Friday. 
Kinda had a theme going on this week with Miscellaneous Monday and Thoughtful Thursday.  Friday is a bust.
Sorry to disappoint.
David and his way-too-big-to-be-held six year old little buddy.

Grace and Grant (and Emily) read enough books this summer
to complete the summer reading program at our library.
They colored a name tag to put up on the library wall with the other 'library champions'.

And they each were given a way crazy neon green hat.
Not the most subtle wardrobe accessory I might add.

The part that had them most excited was the yard sign
proclaiming to all the world (or at least to the casual passerby)
Much discussion and debate went in to the most strategic placement of said yard sign.
Grace and Grant wanted to ensure maximum visibility from the road.

For the record....
this is how we travel to the farm.
Meg and Remington snuggle down in the cargo area and luggage goes on the improvised rack above. The dogs love this arrangement.  In fact they get so excited when I have the rear lift gate up for any reason that I have a terrible time keeping them OUT of my car.  They will jump in the back totally ignoring the piles of groceries they are trampling on to do so.
They spent something like four or five hours sitting back there one very hot day in July patiently waiting on someone to close the rear door and take them to the farm.  The contractor working on my kitchen at the time was greatly amused by their patience.
The shelf was improvised  by my engineering husband to maximize cargo space and to minimize the number of trips he makes with smelly dogs in HIS VEHICLE!!!
It is a wire rack wire tied to cardboard cores from work.  Quite a high end design if I do say so.
The blue thing is a bat stuck in the end of the now broken cardboard core to hold up the shelf.
Should the rack ever fail, we will have serious doggy issues to deal with.
Well, enough of our incredibly mundane Friday.
Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting!
Anyone for Sensational Saturday?

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