Friday, September 13, 2013

New Car Smell

I have been enjoying that new car smell recently.
I've been driving this suburban.
It's a baby by car standards with only 2000 miles on it.
When I pulled up the big white bus beside the black suburban to transfer our stuff from one car to another I am sure if cars could talk mine would have said with a smirk
"Good luck.  It's a zoo around here!"
I didn't actually trade cars.  I rented the black one while mine was in the shop.
It was with a huge sigh of relief that I slid behind the wheel of the big white bus at the end of the week....
back to the familiar cracked seats,
the smell of wet pool towels, dirty shoes and mysterious food remnants hiding under the seat...
sort of like slipping on a pair of old worn shoes instead of the shiny new ones...
maybe a bit worn, but a perfect fit.
I was a bit stressed trying to keep the black one from getting too trashed.
And may I just add
two yellow dogs on black carpet for two hours leaves LOTS of dog hair in the cargo area.
Sorry to the person that had to clean that one up.

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