Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let them eat....

Lots of cake!!
Grant's very belated birthday bash....
celebrated at the pool in the month of June
because his very overwhelmed mother never got around to celebrating it in December!

Don't worry.  He was so excited to have a pool party!
He has said before he wished he had a birthday in the summer.
I just gave him what he wanted.


This was our very low keyed version of a graduation party for
John and Emily.

Grace got in on the cake action.
She has been using her easy bake oven a lot lately.

And not to be outdone by her brother,
Grace wanted her birthday party to be at the pool too.
I got smarter the second time and had the kids walk back to the house for the cake and ice cream instead of carrying it all to the pool.
John and Emily then took some left over cake and made their own personalized cake to celebrate.
Not sure what they were celebrating, but they had fun decorating the cake with Grace's left over colored icing.

I can assure you no cake was wasted in the making of this post.
Our kids like cake.
No question.

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