Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

When did my reading glasses suddenly become my
sewing-bookkeeping-texting-cooking-ironing-gaming-cleaning-reading glasses??
I found myself getting some funny looks Tuesday night at a meeting at our elementary school.
At one point I took my reading glasses off so I could see the power point presentation on the overhead screen. As an adaptation to my newly acquired blindness, I often plop reading glasses on top of my head (bonus points for doubling as a headband when I don't get time to comb my hair properly.....which is most of the time).
When I pushed my reading glasses on top of my head I realized the reason for so many strange looks.  I had just spent the past forty minutes with a pair and a spare.  I was wearing reading glasses and had a second pair on top of my head.
Not the first time that has happened, but it was the first time in public I believe.
I look forward to the day when my mind fades as much as my eyesight.
Then instances like Tuesday night won't be quite so embarrassing!
We recently took the kids to eat at the old Dedman's Drugstore in Harrodsburg which is near the farm. 

It still has the original fixtures from its days as a pharmacy/soda fountain.
I guess food and drugs went together well back in 1865 when this place opened.
Somehow I think I prefer getting my drugs from CVS.
I don't want to drive up at McDonalds to get my prescriptions filled only to have someone ask me if I want fries with that.

The cabinetry was beautiful and all of the cases were full of items from days long gone.
Some of the old drug items on display were original to the store.
Old bottles were labeled with names only suited for a witch's cauldron.  There were some pretty bizarre items used for medical purposes in the late 1800's.
I enjoyed the sights more than I enjoyed my lunch.
And the lunch was spectacular!!

More horse riding pictures....

because we want the kids to swing high enough to do serious damage when they jump from a swing.
We don't want some wimpy swing where they only get bumped and bruised when they jump!

Physics lesson
learning about load forces and fulcrums....two kids against one.
Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. I had a good laugh over the visual of the two pairs of reading glasses at the meeting! Don't worry, we all have those kind of moments/days.