Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Boy

Here's the last of the birthday celebration pictures...
Grant wanted to put the candles on his cake.

Those are candles sticking out of Mario's eyes and mouth and buttons.
Why am I not surprised?

The annual "COOLEST  BIRTHDAY CARD" contest continued this year.
The judging of this contest is usually pretty harsh.
The monkey card had a candle on the inside that would light up when the card was opened.When you blew on the candle, the light would go out and the card would play happy birthday.Sadly, this card was not the winner.
The paper airplane card was runner-up this year.  It definitely won on the creativity factor.  Grant had fun putting the paper airplane together and flying it around the house for a few days.

The truck card however was the clear favorite and winner of the contest.
It had monster trucks on it and also played sounds.  How could any card possibly compete with a monster truck birthday card?
 After cards, it was on to presents....
Octonauts of course
Okay, no more birthday pictures.  I'm done.
I promise.
Not much exciting going on here today.
Dogs and cats made their annual trek to the vet for checkups and shots.
We are several hundred dollars poorer now, but we have healthy animals.
That visit has become a painful ritual at the start of each year.  I spend more money on the four pets than I do on the four kids for checkups and shots.  I give the staff a good laugh each year as I tote two cats and two dogs in for a single visit, but why make multiple trips? 
I have more exciting things to do
like dry out a basement.
The basement is still drying.  Walls still read wet on the moisture meter, but slowly we are getting things put back together.  I think we will be able to save the pad under the carpet without having to rip it up.  I am hopeful the walls will continue to dry out as well.
John was home again today.  I think he could have gone to school and done fine, but I know there was some adolescent angst over the swelling that was still visible.  I'm not too concerned.  He should be able to catch up with the class soon enough.  He will definitely be attending tomorrow.
Happy Belated Birthday to Grandma.
Somewhere between surgeries and soggy carpets I failed to send you birthday wishes this past weekend.  Love you and hope you had a wonderful day celebrating.
Goodnight all!

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