Friday, January 10, 2014

T is for.....

Teeth  - John had his surgery this morning.  He was a trooper about the whole affair, not complaining about the no food/water last night or missing school today or the pain and discomfort that has ensued.  We were home by eleven o'clock this morning.  He has been sleeping ever since.  He has quite a bit of swelling already, but I'm hoping with plenty of ice and rest he will bounce back quickly.  The doctor said the procedure went well and he is scheduled for new wires on his braces weekly starting next Friday.  After nine weeks, they will reassess how he is doing and see if he is ready to switch to a slower maintenance schedule of adjustments to his braces.  Oh, the price of beauty!!  Actually, it was more than a cosmetic fix, but we still like to tease John about getting handsome for the girls.

Time - Time is ticking by slowly as we continue to dry out our basement.  Neither insurance nor ServPro have made an appearance to tell us what the real damage is.  This area was overwhelmed with homeowners fighting the same frozen pipes that we experienced.  A carpet blower will bring a king's ransom right now in this town.  There is not a rental place in town with a blower available.  I did track down a couple at Grainger.  I have them set up along with some fans from work trying to dry things out.  The dehumidifier is chugging away as well.  Hopefully, the inconvenience is minimal and the damage is contained to a few pieces of furniture.  I dread thinking about having to cut drywall or rip up carpets. 
At least there is comfort in knowing we are not alone this time!  It makes me hopeful that we are not under some strange water curse given the many and varied ways water has affected us through the years.  We have dried out all or part of houses five times in twenty-two years.  That does not take into account the numerous bailouts from the Olney house's defective drain tile.  Every significant rainfall equaled water backing up in the fire escape window and into the basement.

Thankful - I am very thankful.  I have no reason to complain about life's bumps in the road.  Big or little, they're still just bumps.  Water dries out.  Teeth will heal.

Thanksgiving -

Speaking of thankful....

Grant's first grade class put on a skit for Thanksgiving.
Here are Grant and his buddy following along with their classmates.
Grant played Strong Bear, an indian a Native American.  He memorized his lines and did a nice job speaking slowly and clearly so everyone could hear.  That is an accomplishment for our fourth child!!

Ties - I had to take this picture before school on the day of his play.  Both kids dressed up for their Thanksgiving parties.  Grant insisted on wearing his tie. 
The tie came home with me after his skit was finished.
I think he'd had enough of it by then.
Grant dresses up a lot now.

This picture was taken on my birthday.  Both kids insisted in getting dressed up for the occasion even though they were already in pajamas and ready for bed.  He loves his tie.
We've come a long way from the loincloth wearing ruffian who insisted on wearing shorts and flip flops and not much else two short years ago.
Have a great weekend!

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