Monday, January 13, 2014

Catching Up

Now that life has returned to some degree of normal I thought it was time I catch up on some of the events of the past month that have been completely overlooked until now.

A certain seven year old had a birthday.  Because he is the fourth child and because I am old and tired I have abandoned any delusions of grandeur when it comes to celebrating birthdays.  We went bowling.  Hey, what would I do anyway with a dozen rowdy boys in my house during the holidays?  It is so different than when we had John and Emily's friends over for parties.  In the summer we always marched their friends to the pool for parties.  That's not an option for Grant, so bowling it was!

All but two of his buddies from class were able to attend.  They had a lot of fun bowling.  We asked them to please not send gifts.  I am happy to report that for the first time EVER the parents respected our request.  Not one child came bearing gifts!  I believe the tide of public opinion is beginning to shift when it comes to children's parties and the need for gifts.  I'm glad.  Let the kids have fun while they are together.  They don't need more toys anyway!

Grace came along for the celebration and brought a friend with her for company.
This is Grace bowling and Ella watching her.

I think I should have put on shoes and bowled with them. 
These guys were about my skill level.
I'm not too proud to use the bumpers when bowling!!
Goodnight all!

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