Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Vacation Plus Two

The kids have been on Christmas break since December 20th.  So have I it seems.  We've traveled, visited, played and worked the past two weeks.  What I haven't been doing is blogging. 

We have enjoyed every day off from the hectic pace of school life.  I hope you have had an enjoyable break as well.

 Ours has been very cold the past few days.  School closed Monday and Tuesday due to extreme temperatures.  We didn't even get much snow, just cold air!!  We had more snow accumulation in the days before Christmas.  It was a treat to see Christmas decorations on a blanket of snow.

I could have wept today while sorting pictures when this one popped up on my phone.  Ohhh for the long hot days of summertime!!

I took this one evening while driving home from the pool.  Grace and Grant like to drive his truck to the pool which makes for VERY SLOW trips.  I would walk alongside them, but I look like a pack mule carrying everyone's towels, goggles, sunscreen, toys, snacks, .......yeah.  You get the idea.
I'll drive.

Anyway, it isn't summertime right now and doesn't look like it is going to be for several more weeks.

The kids have not minded the extra days at home to start the new year.  The five of us (excluding David who was at work) have not left the house since Sunday morning when we got home from church.  That is a Christmas miracle all by itself!  I must say a few years ago that much time hibernating with the kids would have been insanity inducing.  It has almost been relaxing this year.  We have gotten a lot done and played a lot in between all of the work.

School starts tomorrow.  I think we're all ready to get back to a little bit of reality.

I wouldn't mind getting back to a little bit of warmer weather either!


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