Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kid Stuff

Grace informed me a while back that she wanted to grow up.
I asked her how she planned to do that.
The answer was that she would no longer sleep with Big Horse or her stuffed dog (whose name escapes me) or her favorite blanket.

And just like that she put them all in her closet and has not slept with them since.
I made her pose for one last picture before she retired big horse to the closet.
She has slept with this thing for more than five years....since big horse was bigger than Grace herself!

So Grace is growing up.
That's a good thing.
Just as long as she doesn't grow up too fast.
While searching for the old pictures of Big Horse in bed with Grace,
I found some others that I thought I would share as well.

These two have always been best buddies.
I hope they stay best friends through the years!
Tomorrow is Grace's big day.
She is a bit nervous but seems excited too.  She knows she gets a milkshake after each appointment.  That little bit of reward makes the trip not quite so bad.  I started that tradition with John.  I may regret it by the time I get three kids through braces!
Today she picked somewhere to eat as a special treat before going to the orthodontist tomorrow.
She picked Subway.  No wonder she only weighs fifty pounds!
It has been pretty quiet here this weekend.  We did not go to the farm to work, but we have kept busy enough here.  We started painting the bedrooms in the basement for John and Emily.  Both have been asking to redo their rooms for a year.  It has taken me this long to start working on it. 
We also are redoing the closet beneath the stairs for John so he no longer has to share the only other closet in the basement with Emily.  This little tidbit has been a great motivating factor for Emily.  She wants her own closet so badly!  I told her she was going to have to help me with the painting.  She has jumped right in and become quite the painter in order to speed up the process.
If we get things done this week, I will post before and after pictures on the blog.

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  1. I have that same horse!!!! :)