Monday, October 26, 2015

And Then There Were Two


Sort of.

Sunday was adoption day at our local pet store.  Grant and I took the kittens and spent a few hours playing with a multitude of cats waiting to be adopted.  He was in kitten heaven!

One of our kittens is now spoken for.  The adopting family cannot take him home until he is "fixed" this if he was actually broken!  Anyway, one down.  Two to go!!

 Remington continues his vigilant fascination with the kittens.  They are rather indifferent to the big guy now.  A swat across the nose if he gets too close for their liking is about as much attention as they give him.

 Oh my!  Are they ever fun to watch now.  I might get a little distracted watching them play when I should be working. Shhhhhh.  Don't tell.

I can just hear the white one saying "I dare you to climb in there!"  

 And.....he did.

They are either in, on or under everything in sight...including the trash can.

I know there will be some sad faces when they finally get adopted, but I think everyone has enjoyed the kittens being here.

And yes.  I mean everyone.

Mr. Bones joined us for breakfast the other morning.  He didn't eat much.  No wonder he's nothing but bones!

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